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                UL certificated wire
                FEP insulated wire
                Silicone insulated wire
                High voltage silicone wire...
                High temperature extension...
                Fire resistant wire
                Coaxial FEP cable
                High temperature FEP cable...

                TEL : +86-577-61600670

                FAX : +86-577-61600662
                Mobile Phone: +8613867772793
                E-mail : wrlong@wrlong.com
                MSN ID : lizzy1113@hotmail.com
                SKYPE ID : lizzy_lin
                high voltage silicone wire
                  Product Overview

                Description of products:


                Enterprise standard: Q/SQDLZ-2006

                Property: AC DC and red

                Rated voltage: DC 5kv-60kv

                Permissible temperature of conductor(Max.):180

                Specification of wire

                Use range

                This product is used as the connecting wire of various portable electric machines and electric equipments.

                Property of products:

                It is high voltage-resistant and non-aging and its continuous working temperature is 180.

                  Series origin
                Series: High voltage silicone wire
                TEL:+86-577-61600670 Fax:+86-577-61600662 E-mail :wrlong@wrlong.com
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