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                UL certificated wire
                FEP insulated wire
                Silicone insulated wire
                High voltage silicone wire...
                High temperature extension...
                Fire resistant wire
                Coaxial FEP cable
                High temperature FEP cable...

                TEL : +86-577-61600670

                FAX : +86-577-61600662
                Mobile Phone: +8613867772793
                E-mail :
                MSN ID :
                SKYPE ID : lizzy_lin
                silicone braid wire (AGRP)
                  Product Overview

                Description of products:


                Rated temperature:-60~+180  Rated voltage:500V

                Conductor is used in single wire or stranded wire (0.12~250 mm2 )   of tin-plated or bare copper wire .

                Insulation is used in silicone (braid layer is made up of alkali-free glass and the out layer is made up of organic silicone paint or silicone resin.)

                Color ::red \blue \white \yellow \green \brown \black

                It is non-aging and durable .

                The length of delivery should not be less than 10 meters and the quantity of short delivery should not be more than the quantity of 20% of all delivery .

                Use Range: As the connecting wire of electric machine , electric heating appliance ,lighting sets of a kind ,electric equipment and instruments and meters .

                Use range:

                As the insulator connecting wire of electric machine , electric heating appliance ,lighting sets of a kind ,electric equipment and instruments and meters under AC rated voltage of 500V or below .

                  Series origin
                Series: Silicone insulated wire
                TEL:+86-577-61600670 Fax:+86-577-61600662 E-mail
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